There are a handful of ways we can partner up. If any of these look good to you, please get in touch. If you have another idea that’s not covered here, you can tell me about that, too.


Are you an idea junkie with a fresh concept for an app? I can help you with the following:

  • Initial product concept – I’ll help hone your idea into a workable product.

  • Wireframing – Here’s a link to my Behance page that shows some of my latest work.

  • Interactive prototyping – Here’s a link to an interactive prototype I recently developed.

  • Product spec documentation – The product spec document tells engineers exactly how the product should function. It also provides a sense of structure in terms of overall architecture.

  • Next steps – I can recommend dev shops who can turn your idea into a working product.


Are you an early stage startup working through some growing pains? I can help you with the following:

  • Product – I can assess your product’s overall usability, offer advice on what to improve, and produce wireframes to visually demonstrate potential enhancements (see the links in the section above). My expertise is in social, gaming, and consumer-facing products, although I’m happy to look at your product if it doesn’t fit within these categories. If I feel I can’t provide value, I’ll tell you.

  • Administration – I’ll explain the software setup I used at my previous company, and give you advice on how to most smoothly handle tasks like hiring, payroll, accounting, etc.

  • Culture – We’ll go through a series of questions to identify your company’s current ‘aura’ and how it might be improved. Like most efforts within a startup, this is an art, not a science, but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it. I was responsible for writing my previous company’s cultural documents, so I can provide insight and help you craft yours.


Are you a first-time author trying to write and launch a successful book? I can help you with the following:

  • Content editing – This doesn’t mean fixing punctuation. It means improving your pacing, tone, logic gaps, overall content, etc.

  • Title and Subtitle – I’ve scoured Amazon for hours, determining which titles sell. There’s also an algorithmic element to consider, which can increase the organic traffic to your book.

  • Cover design – I can design a book cover for you, or recommend others who can.

  • Book structure (outline) – I consider this an integral part of writing and completing a book. If you don’t have a great outline, you’re screwed. I’ll explain my process and help you create a strong roadmap.

  • Writing style and techniques – These are my best habits and tricks for writing awesome stuff that people want to read.

  • Amazon setup and optimization – I’ve done a lot of research and know how to optimize your description, keywords, pricing, etc.

  • Launch strategy – KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) enrollment, free promo, podcast scheduling, etc.

Current Founders and CEOs

Are you a founder or CEO dealing with impossible-to-solve issues? Do you feel you can’t talk to your partners or investors, but need a soundboard to get things off your chest and help you make decisions? I can help you with the following:

  • Founder dynamics

  • Equity agreements

  • Hiring and firing

  • Dealing with doubt and frustration

  • Techniques for staying balanced and healthy

(Also Seeking…) Engineers

Can you build iOS and Android apps with ease? Are you a fullstack engineer capable of both backend implementation and frontend integration? Do you like social and consumer-facing products? Are you young and scrappy? Well, I might be looking to partner with you. I’m looking for someone to help me bring new ideas to life. This would be an opportunity to “apprentice” with me. We’d build products together on the side. If something takes off, maybe we’ll turn it into a company. Ideal traits:

  • Experienced in iOS and Android development (both backend and frontend)

  • Interested in social and consumer products, specifically: messaging, video, photos, communities

  • Willing to work with me on the side for now, with potential for equity and cash later


For media or press inquiries, use the contact form and include “[Media]” in your subject line. Thanks!

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