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The Connection Algorithm is quickly becoming one of the most influential business and lifestyle books on the market. A few weeks after its launch, it ranked within the top 0.01% of all books on Amazon, hitting #1 in major categories like Entrepreneurship, Management, Knowledge Capital, and Personal Success. It continues to see strong sales. With no marketing budget and no publisher behind it, this can only mean one thing: people are genuinely interested in learning about the power of taking risks.

When I wrote the book, I was speaking to my younger self–the hopeful 21 year-old who for some reason settled into a 9-to-5 desk job in New York City. That version of me was miserable.

Thankfully, I soon left that situation to launch a startup, which was exhilarating beyond belief. But it was also hard. After seven years of building a multi-million dollar company from the ground up, I found myself on the sidelines of excitement yet again, eventually losing passion for the business I had helped create. In 2014, I was fired.

This was a hard pill to swallow, but after wallowing in self-doubt for a month, I began to take note of the valuable byproducts I had gained from my risky decisions and hard work. I realized my contact list was filled with the names of high-profile CEO’s, congressmen, and millionaires. My skillset was unique, and highly coveted. And while I had failed in the traditional sense of the word, I had traveled an interesting path, learned a ton, and created meaningful products along the way.

And so it was in the ashes of defeat that the book’s kernel emerged.

I’m nobody special–yet I’ve achieved things most people only dream about. So why is it a reality for me, and a dream for nearly everybody else? My intuition is that people’s perception of risk and failure keep them in “ZombieLand” (my term for the hamster’s wheel of perpetual drudgery that most of us endure as a result of the 9-5 lifestyle).

The Connection Algorithm urges people to break away from that life, to reject the status quo and build a new paradigm that revolves around calculated risk, passion, and independence. It also explains how several trends over the past decade have made today the very best day to take the leap.

I describe The Connection Algorithm as a mindset, and I truly believe it has the power to usher in a new generation of entrepreneurs who will challenge everything we know about today’s working world, which will in turn change our entire culture. This new world is full of freedom, stability, and unlimited personal growth–for those bold enough to explore it.

To quote a line from the book: “If this sounds too good to be true, it should. The doubt of the crowd affords opportunity to the few.”

I hope you’ll venture off the trodden path with me. It’s well worth the risk.

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