A New Path to Freedom and Wealth.

Are you tired of your job? Looking for something more rewarding and profitable? Have you ever thought, or been told, "You should write a book, or start a business!" Well, it's time to give it a shot.
My name is Jesse. I've self-published two books, which are now both #1 bestsellers on track to generate $30,000 per year in passive income.
But other part-time authors are doing far better than me, earning six, or even seven figures per year. Many have leveraged their books to build fulltime business ventures. This wasn't possible ten years ago, but the publishing industry has changed. People are finding unparalleled freedom and wealth through writing, and you can tooMy latest book, Authorpreneur, will show you how. For a limited time, I'm offering it to early adopters, completely FREE.


Authorpreneur will change the way you think about writing, but it will also prepare you to thrive in the entrepreneurial era we find ourselves in (even if you don't want to become a fulltime author). To give you unparalleled insight into the world of publishing and entrepreneurship, I've spent the past two years conducting in-depth interviews with some of the industry's best and brightest. Here's a sampling:

“I read Jesse's first book, The Connection Algorithm, and it blew me away. This latest project is just as compelling. It's about producing creative work, and how to leverage that into a sustainable business. Every industry is changing right now, but media--particularly publishing, presents an exciting opportunity. Jesse explains how to take full advantage of it.”

Matt Elkus - Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at Fox

Start Tinkering. With Confidence.

Are you curious about the benefits of writing a book, but too overwhelmed to get started? I can relate. I made plenty of poor choices with my first book, and wasted thousands of dollars. Authorpreneur demystifies the process so you can avoid those same mistakes.

Inside, you'll find countless tools and techniques that will guarantee a polished manuscript, a timely launch, and maximized profits (without the headaches). It's jam-packed with field-tested resources, including the email template I used to secure an endorsement from Tony Horton, detailed production timelines, guidelines for crafting a winning outline, software recommendations, tips for creating a professional design on a budget, and much more.

Real Stories. Real Results.

Authorpreneur is based on actual data from my first two books, which both became #1 bestsellers on Amazon. But I didn't stop there. I've gathered insights from a select group of top performers, including the bestselling authors and entrepreneurs shown here. Some of these authors have earned over a million dollars from their books and subsequent projects. Their combined knowledge is priceless. This is practical, actionable advice, not theory. Don't waste time scouring the internet for answers. All the motivation and tools you need are packed into Authorpreneur: your curated, battle-tested, all-in-one resource.

“I wrote Authorpreneur as a call-to-action. Recent advancements in technology have enabled pretty much anyone to produce and distribute books in a way that generates meaningful income. Beyond that, writing has become a legitimate first-step into entrepreneurship, the most powerful discipline in our rapidly evolving economy. If you've ever considered publishing a book as part of a larger career strategy, now is the time. The market is dramatically undervalued, and it's more accessible and rewarding than ever. Writing is the new secret weapon in our battle for purpose, freedom, and wealth." For a limited time, you can reserve a pre-release copy of Authorpreneur for free. Simply click the button below.