I’m a writer and an entrepreneur. More specifically, I’m:  

  • The founder of LaunchTeam
  • An alumni of TechStars (a top accelerator program)  
  • The author of The Connection Algorithm and Hustle (both #1 bestselling books on Amazon). 

I’ve been featured in various publications, including Businessweek and Forbes.com. Here’s an excerpt from my first book that tells more of my story:

I grew up in a small suburb outside of Washington DC. After surviving the public schooling system, I attended the University of Michigan, graduating four years later with a heap of debt and a flimsy certificate saying I wasn’t dumb. Life after college was painfully dull. Two years after graduation, I was bored to death, working at a consulting firm in New York City. So, I quit my job and cofounded a startup, which went on to generate millions of dollars. I worked there for seven years, but I was eventually fired for being (admittedly) combative and generally useless. Battling intense fear and self-doubt, I picked myself back up again and decided to write this book.  

I’ve taken a lot of risks in life, succeeded at a few things, and failed at many―but the world has never let me down. After each failure, I’m presented with new opportunities. Along the way, I’ve met some incredible people who repeatedly support my endeavors despite my shortcomings.  

Writing The Connection Algorithm has been an incredible journey. I continue to be blown away by its success. Without a publisher, an editor, or a marketing budget, I somehow still managed to write a book that consistently ranks among the top business books on Amazon. It has reached a #1 ranking in Entrepreneurship, Management, Knowledge Capital, and Personal Success, ranking as high as #867 out of roughly 12 million books available. That means my book is in the top 0.01%, ranking higher than 99.99% of all other books. I never could have imagined this outcome. The irony is that it perfectly supports my book’s message: that taking great risks introduces the possibility of great success, regardless of your resources or background.  

The feedback I’ve received from the book has been unbelievaby gratifying. From the highschooler in Miami, to the entrepreneur in Amsterdam, to freelancers around the country making money from their passions, people all over the world are buying into the power of The Connection Algorithm.  

The purpose of jtev.me is to keep that momentum going.  

Please join me as I unpack my brain on this site. I’ll be posting content with the goal of jogging your mind, inspiring you, and reminding you to question the world’s assumptions. Cheers, J

Want to get in touch? Email me: jesse.tevelow at gmail dot com


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